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Natural Fish Food Tablet Astaxanthin And Spirulina Algae For Aquarium Fish Tank Supplies Nutrition Tropical Fish Feed
Item Name : Natural Nutrition Fish Food Tablets Feed
Suitable For: Freshwater Fish , Sea Water Fish,
Suitable: Fish Tropical,Tropical Catfish.
Color: Dark Pink, Algal Green
Material : Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Beans, Vegetables, Vitamins, Mineral Nutrients, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, etc
Ingredients: Crude Protein > 42%, Crude Fat < 3%, Crude Gray Matter < 6%,

Spirulina and astaxanthin are natural nutritive food materials,Antioxidant, coloration, enhance the immunity of fish.which are conducive to the growth of fish and are high-quality fish feed. The flake design of fish food will be sucked on the wall of the fish tank, and the fish will rush to eat it. It is very beautiful. Since this fish feed is slowly melting, it will not pollute the water in the fish tank.

1.Press down and slowly push it into the water along the wall of the fish tank. After soaking in water, press gently for a while and then let go. It will suck on the glass.
When feeding, fish feed as little as possible. In case the fish is too full to digest. You can feed once every 6 hours. The amount of feed depends on the number of fish. It is better to finish eating in 3-5 minutes.
2. It can be directly put into the water and sink to the bottom of the tank, which is suitable for fish living at the bottom of the tank. Pay attention to feed tank bottom fish, must be patted into small pieces, a small amount of input.
Tip: it is possible to get some damage during transportation. If the damage rate is less than 10%, this is normal.  If you mind, please buy carefully


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