Quality Aquarium Fish Food Brine Shrimp Shelling Eggs For Small Fish-20ml



Quality Aquarium Fish Food  Brine Shrimp Shelling Eggs For Small Fish Fry Artemia Cysts Fishing Food

Item Name : PetCloud Fish Feed Natural Artemia Brine Shrimp Shelled Eggs
Product Features: High Quality Pure Natural Culture Of Spring Brine Shrimp
Suitable For:  Samll Fish ,Fish, Fish Fry
Color: Golden/Orange (if discolored, do not give to fish)
Material: Natural Abundant Year Brine Shrimp Eggs (Shelling)
Bottle Size:
20ml :5cm x 2.8cm  /1.9inch x 1.1inch
60ml :7cm x 4.2cm / 2.75inch x 1.65inch
Usage: Direct Delivery (Without Incubation)
Capacity: 20ml / 60ml
Package:1 BottleX20ml  /  1BottleX60ml

Product Features:
Abundant year shrimp is also known as Artemia. There are many kinds of prawns. Due to the different water quality and weather, the nutrition will be different. Our harvest shrimp is cultured in pollution-free waters. The natural climate (non closed farms) makes Fengnian shrimp more high-quality. We choose the eggs of “first-class” high-quality harvest shrimp. Because the shell of the eggs is very hard, it will block the digestive tract and even cause death if swallowed by the larvae. Our harvest shrimp has no shell eggs and is very suitable for young fish.

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